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Tips for selling

When selling your stuff, do not get emotionally attached to it, so that you can’t depart from it on the day. Remember that you are there to sell.

If you're offered a lower price than you'd like, it’s better to let it go rather than putting it in your car bringing it back again and again, like a yo-yo going nowhere. This way it’s finally gone, no longer a clutter, one less thing to worry about.

The Car Boot Sale is a great and quick way to make money, but if you have more costly items, we recommend using Facebook or TradeMe instead.

NOTE:  If you don't have a printer, your local library should be able to print for you.


#1  SMILE!
Please smile - this is so important!  Smiling is an important part of communication.  Smiling not only makes you look attractive, but also attracts a lot of people to you because your smile will boost morale. Smiling shows happiness, joy and positivity. People love being around positive people.

Look nice. No holes, rips, stains, will put people off. Brush your hair, look glam. When you look great, you will feel great!

This is so important!  Say 'hi', 'hello', or 'good morning' to everyone as they are walking by your stall. People are waiting for a nice 'welcome' from you. Although shopping, many people are also there just to feel special.


  • PREPARE days in advance! Please DO NOT LEAVE THIS TO THE NIGHT BEFORE - big mistake!

  • COMPANY - Bring friend or family member, preferably someone you get on with (hehe!), because you're together for hours. Great company passes the time. It's good security to have someone to help you and look after your things, and also means you have someone to look after your stall when you must go… elsewhere.

  • CASH FLOATTHIS IS A MUST HAVE. People will come with big notes, so it’s good to have $100 worth of coins. I will say this again – get change because so many sellers struggle with this every time.  We don't know why some people bring $50 and $100 notes to Car Boot, but some do. If they do, tell them to go and get change. It's a good idea to have someone with you who can drive, so if you do run out, they can go and get some from an ATM, ASB or petrol stations and dairies are pretty helpful.
    Closest ATM is 10 minutes away at Clendon, The Warehouse, which has ANZ.

  • SHOW YOUR PRICES - The best thing you can do with your prices is to get whatever you can for it and say it's all negotiable, make an offer.
    It's better to have price stickers on your items than not. Once people see no prices, they don’t engage as much as they would if you do have prices on your stuff. If they start looking, tell them everything is negotiable, because this will stir their interest and you are more likely to make a sale.
    Make up signs and display or hang them up saying something like, $5 bag of clothes, box lots $1 each, etc, especially if you are regularly doing Car Boot. If someone is interested, tell them you don't want to take anything home. This way you’re most likely get rid of more stuff, just because they want to help you out!

  • IF YOU ARE FUNDRAISING – Please promote this at your stall with signs. People will give support for a worthy cause.


  • PACKING: Gather all your goodies together then box them. Smaller boxes are way better because they are lighter, easier to pack into your car and easier to unpack on the day. The best boxes are McFries boxes from McDonalds - they give them out for free!
    If you have glassware or crockery, wrap them up so they don't break. When displaying glassware on your table, be careful of breakages. Put glassware into a large clear container so they don’t break if they accidentally tip over. If it’s windy, don’t put breakables on the table, put items on a box on the ground.

  • BAGS: You'll need bags if you are selling clothes or smaller items. People want to buy from you, but they don’t want to carry things around, so not having bags can put them off buying. You can buy rolls of medium-sized rubbish bags pack of 25 from PaknSave for $3.00. This does the trick.

  • GAZEBO: Highly recommend you get one if you are doing Car Boot on a regular basis. They will protect you and your stuff from rain and hot days. They are great for hanging things up like clothes. You can decorate them to attract more attention to your stall, which will help you sell more.

    If you do not have a gazebo, then please bring a large waterproof cover to cover your stuff in case it rains. If you have room in your car for large tarpaulins or a heavy-duty clear plastic cover then that's great. The clear ones are handy because even when it's raining, they can see your stuff. The only downside is, they are big and bulky to pack. It's a good idea to have someone with you who can help you cover up if it rains.
    Another great alternative, and this may suit more people, are the big black rubbish bags, especially the garden-size bags which are $4 for 3 bags at PaknSave. Just cut the sides, primo!

  • TABLES: Highly recommend you get one. Fold-up trestles are best. People take more interest and will hang around you longer when things are on display at table-height. Definitely worth investing in.

  • THE NIGHT BEFORE: Please aim to get all your packing done by 6.00pm. Getting a good night sleep and being ready for an early start the next morning is important.
    At this stage you should have everything you need in your car. If you have packed days in advance, good for you!

  • PACKING YOUR CAR: When you get to the site you will need to set up your gazebo and table first, so make sure these are the last things you pack into your car.


  • GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME: Think about what time you need to get up and set your alarm the night before. Allow yourself 30 - 40 minutes time to set up.

  • REASON TO BE EARLY: If you do not like the dreaded feeling of being bombarded by shoppers when you arrive to set up, make sure you get there from 6.30am onwards, because usually there’s no shoppers around then.
    Once passers-by see sellers setting up, they will come through early, many are on their way to work hoping to get a bargain, so set your alarm clock earlier if necessary.

  • SETTING UP ONSITE: You should be free to set up without any hassles or distractions, but if not, please tell them nicely to come back in 30 minutes.
    If you are feeling stressed, please come see one of the team or call me (Mal) on
    021 0241 6617 and I will be there.
    It can feel overwhelming trying to get your boxes out of your car when you have people opening them and taking things out when you’re trying to set up. Although it does happen sometimes, we don’t accept this.


  • MONEY: Get a belt bag. The best place to keep your money is to have it on you.
    You will constantly go into it, just zip it up, there’s no way anyone’s going to get that close to you to steal your money. A zipped-up, belt bag is best.
    Have lots of plastic bags, one for notes, one for $1 coins, one for $2 coins. Some belt bags have multi compartments, which is also handy.
    Some people use their pockets or put it in a container and leave it in their car - make sure it is hidden away and secure

  • THEFT:  Theft is completely NOT acceptable.  Please report all thefts immediately with a description of the offender to one of our volunteers and ask them to call me and they will.  Place valuables like expensive perfumes, gold items out of reach. If you are full-on busy with customers, you can’t always keep an eye on all your things hence having someone else with you is a good deterrent.
    We encourage all sellers to look after each other’s stalls. Keep an eye out on the stalls next to you and opposite you. Take care of each other.  Thank you everyone.

  • BE MINDFUL OF OTHERS: I went shopping and picked up a soft toy and cuddled it, and then I walked down the mall without paying for it! I completely forgot I had it in my arms when the shopkeeper came running after me. I thought what the heck, when she asked if I intend to pay for my giant stuffed dolphin!
    I apologised a thousand times. It was an honest mistake which she knew by my shock-horror state. My kids repeatedly called me a thief even though they knew I wasn’t.
    The point is, some people are just simply absent-minded, like me.