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Margaret, since 2020

"A few years ago now, I found what has become for myself and others a place to go which has always been like a breathe of fresh air, especially over the past few years where we have all had to face moving through the Covid pandemic together, and with the ongoing constant barrage of bad news.  It's been so lovely to find a place to escape it all, at the South Auckland Elim Car Boot Sale.

We all moved through the Covid restrictions following the rules and regulations, turned up with our masks and hand sanitiser when it was required.

A friend and I would always start with one of May's perfectly brewed coffee's and then hunt down a hot, freshly cooked breakfast - usually a South Auckland hotdog with all the trimmings, and some chop suey and rice to take home for later.

Then the treasure hunt would begin!  I'd always find what I knew someone would like as a nice surprise.  Just little things, like a tiny first tooth jar for a grandchild with a wobbly tooth, gorgeous baby clothes that are always at a price that was a blessing, and a near-new backpack for an upcoming tramp through the Karangahake Gorge.

Useful gardening tools to help say goodbye to backaches, amazing books to get lost in for a few hours, and even a piddle mat for the old pet dog, plus a warm winter jacket for the pooch for walks outside, as well as kitchenware to tempt the older, much loved adult children who are flatting, which can come at a bargain price.

Although the best thing about the South Auckland Elim Car Boot Sale was always seeing our community out and about chatting away, sharing their stories, laughing, and heading back home with a smile on their faces, with their bag's of treasure - even on a cold morning - it's simply become a happy place for sharing and caring.

I've seen stall holders regularly giving the children free gifts just to bless them and to see the children's little faces light up.

There is a lot of good happening at this happy place - why not come and see for yourself if you haven't already, don't forget to bring a bag, you'll need one!"

Nganu, 2020 Team

"I like ECB because God gave me new life and serve His calling, and I like feeding my face with the sausage rolls!" 😋

Lisa, since 2017

"Great little market.  Something for everyone.  Organizers are amazing."

Jared, 2012 TEAM

"Is it not my place to understand why He the Lord almighty has placed me in Car Boot. all that is called from me is to be obedient under the Lord almighty and I live to serve Christ alone."