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  • Elim promotes caring and positive behaviour which is important in how we treat each other and our customers.

  • Elim is responsible for the health and safety of all who enter our property, e.g.: hazards, uneven surfaces, etc.

  • Elim holds no responsibility for lost or wandering children.  This is the parent's or caregiver's responsibility.

  • Elim holds no responsibility for damages, loss, or theft of private property.

  • Elim holds no responsibility for any conflict that may arise due to any sale of property except for food and drinks.

  • We strive to eliminate these risks by providing information and support as much as we can.

health and safety

Covid and flu:

If you are coughing, sneezing or feeling unwell, please stay at home.

Sellers are most welcome to bring hand sanitiser for regular use.

The following is strictly NOT allowed:

Medication and drugs - includes any illegal substances.
Also includes tobacco, vape products, bongs, and pipes.
Also includes legal medication, e.g. paracetamol, cough mixture.

Counterfeit or copied goods - includes including DVD's, video games.

Fireworks of any description.

Flammable liquids - includes gas bottles, canisters and lighters.

Offensive content - includes pornographic or violent DVD's, pictures, posters and magazines.

Weapons - includes knives, daggers, crossbows, machetes, rifles.


Effective immediately is an 'Early Exit' fee of $30 for sellers leaving early.

Leaving early is done dangerously risking harm and hurt to people, especially our littlies.
A child is at risk of being hit by a backing car. The 'Early Exit' fee now stops this.

The fee includes an allocated space which you book prior to the event.
This is per space, not per stall.
This books your exit time so I can escort you out. 

The 'Early Exit' fee must be paid upon entry.

Again, this is to protect and provide safety and wellness to our community.

If a child is hit or badly injured due to a backing car, this will end me running Elim Car Boot because I put nothing in place for their safety.  The 'Early Exit' fee now assures their safety, guarantees no harm, and protects all which is 'my priority'.

If you pay an 'Early Exit' fee and you change your mind to stay on, your 'Early Exit' fee of $30 will not be refunded.

If you pack up to leave early, you must see me so I can escort you out. The 'Early Exit' fee will then apply.

Failing to pay the 'Early Exit' fee, and if you still proceed to leave without arranging with me, means you will not be allowed into future events, as you have put our people and community at risk of harm.

In the event of an emergency (except bad weather) the 'Early Exit' fee will apply.

This is again to protect our Car Boot community and is in NO WAY TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY!


COST:  $5 a space. You can have two or more spaces, but you must block these off yourself.

SPACE:  It's first-in-basis, no bookings needed except if you are selling food, then you must book.

CANCELLATIONS:  A cancellation may occur if Auckland is declared a 'State of Emergency'.  This is to help keep our Car Boot community safe, off the streets and in their homes.

POSTPONEMENTS: A postponement is when we transfer the date from one to another within the same month due to unforeseen circumstances.

BAD WEATHER:  We never do. Rain, hail or storm, we're still on.

SMOKING:  Not allowed.  It's a smoke-free zone onsite at all times.

NO DOGS ALLOWED ON SITE, except for all service dogs including Guide dogs, Mobility Assistance dogs, and Medical Alert dogs.

PARKING: No public parking is allowed in our main seller’s area.  We have limited public parking in the adjacent area otherwise please park on Sykes Road. Entrance through the gate at the bottom.  We do have spaces for Mobility Card Holders and elderly, at the back where signed. If full, we will find a park for you.


  • PLEASE BRING CHANGE - $2, $1, 50c coins (around $50 worth), because people come in with big notes, and you don't want to miss out on a sale.

    • ATMs give out $50 and $100 notes, which do not work well at Car Boot Sales. If buyers have large notes, asking them to get smaller notes is fine.

    • We do not encourage, support or approve of Internet Banking.  We support cash or eftpos only.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING:  In the days leading up to the Car Boot Sale, we highly recommend you get onto your Social Media pages, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to post, advertise and promote the next Car Boot Sale. This will help bring friends and family along to support you on the day.


NOTE:  If you don't have a printer, your local library should be able to print for you.